Hi, I’m Todd Webb. Sometimes I post more lengthy thoughts, sketches, photos, or other interesting stuff here. I like to share more frequent snippets, links, and thoughts on Twitter or LinkedIn.


I am a professional software development manager. I began my career in quality engineering with Harada, a family owned automotive supplier based in Japan. I also worked for Jostens within the printing division, for DaimlerChrysler for nearly 6 years, and for a small company called Subimo (that was eventually acquired by WebMD) through March of 2008. Through 2011 I was a Practice Leader at the legendary Obtiva in Chicago, IL. In August of 2011 Obtiva was acquired by Groupon where I currently work as a member of the technical staff.

General Interests

I am a technologist. The beginning of the home computer boom happened during my elementary school years.  As a result, I dabbled with many different development languages and computers. I believe the first program I ever wrote was in Basic on a Commodore 64 or TI in the mid 80s. In high school I learned Pascal and wrote some programs on Apple computers. I even took a high school computer programming class in 1986 or 1987 during which I basically sat in the computer lab and wrote a grade card entry, storage, and printing system while the rest of the class was sitting on the other side of a big glass window being lectured on basic programming by the teacher.  I remember asking my teacher once how to store data on a floppy disk, his response, “I don’t know, but would you share it with me when you figure it out?” Funny that I didn’t select computer science as my major in college (picked Industrial & Operations Engineering instead).

I am a cooking enthusiast. My most memorable dining experiences included Avenues at the Peninsula in Chicago (Graham Elliot Bowles) and the chef’s table at Tribute in Detroit (Takashi Yagihashi). I’ve watched way too much Food TV and I actually own a copy of the Professional Chef. I don’t ever want to *be* a professional chef, but my dream, by the time I retire, is to be able to grab a few quality ingredients from the garden/market and turn them into a fantastic restaurant quality meal off the top of my head.

I am a modern architecture enthusiast. I like to dream about retiring in a small modernist place on a beautiful plot of land with a view of mountains, water, or both.

Many People Don’t Know…

I taught myself how to juggle when I was in elementary school. I was inspired by a television program showing jugglers and thought, “I could do that.”  I started with three of those big green tree nuts that used to fall on the ground around my house in Ohio (they look like little tennis balls). I think I threw them about 15 feet in the air each time. Eventually I was not too bad at it. In high school I started going to a local juggling club and learned from a guy named Paul Kyprie, also known as Zeemo, among others. I rarely get out the equipment anymore except to amuse my two boys once in a while, but I can still juggle clubs, keep 5 balls in the air for a little bit, balance big and little things on my head/nose/foot/hand, and ride a unicycle.  Now you’re in the know.

Odd Coincidence

Do you know the Todd Webb who was a famous photographer? To the best of my knowledge I’m not related; however, like him I worked for Chrysler (DaimlerChrysler) near Detroit and I joined the photography club there for a while. He went on to pursue his passion for photography. Me, not so much. I stopped participating in the club when my family started growing and never really considered that I would ever have a career in photography. I do love his work though and urge you to check it out sometime.