Sprint – a minimalist scrum management tool

Sprint - Dashboard.jpg

Today I released my Google App Engine project called Sprint. It is a minimalist scrum management tool. My goals for writing it were to learn python, get a feel for Google App Engine, build a tool that I would like to use, and to see how fast I could complete a working release. It is admittedly still very rough around the edges. The initial release is missing some CRUD (specifically some UD) and some field validation on dates and other stuff.

The dashboard is aimed at the developer/user to make it really easy to see the sprint backlog items they have been assigned, their current estimate, and the date of that estimate.

The project page is more for the scrum master to see the bigger picture and to review a burndown chart for each sprint.

The backlog page is for product owners to record their product backlog items and assign each to a sprint.

Items, projects, backlogs are all ordered by title. I considered adding some sort of ordering mechanism but decided to let that wait in the interest of speed. Items can be reordered by naming them with an appropriate number on the front.

You can give it a try here: http://sprinthq.appspot.com/

Feedback is welcome (you can provide feedback here).

Tools and Statistics

I wrote Sprint using Textmate. I used blueprint.css as a framework for the layout and styling, and JQuery for the javascript effects and form validation. It is version controlled via git using the Textmate git bundle. It took me about a week and a half of work to complete the first release.